When you think of surveillance the first thing that comes to mind is a camera — but the surveillance field has developed far beyond the simple camera, and no one understands this like JM Communications.

Technology has advanced rapidly both in camera quality and imagery, and we will work to determine the level of surveillance that works best for your commercial interests.

Just a few short years ago 4K/15 megapixel technology was the domain of governmental or multi-national corporations. Now, that technology is available to even small businesses, and with our technical expertise, JM can create the surveillance system that will help keep your interests secure, no matter the situation.

And we will make sure that everything your cameras see is readily available to you and your company via streaming video — both live and recorded.

Surveillance is about more than security, however, and JM Communications understands that knowing how customers physically move and congregate in your business can be key to how you structure your company.

Our surveillance systems can be optimized to include heat-maps and statistical analysis, allowing you to see how customers and employees move through your business.